A Few Terrifying Experiences


Hi. I've never lived in a haunted house or spooked area (at least that i know of). The houses that i have lived in, have been new and were no previous deaths (again, that i know of). Yet, I have experienced some strange things here and there that have been scattered out from several years and i can't explain them. They are little things, but still very scary. The more terrifying ones happened to my Mother.


One of them, was back in 1989-90, and my Father was out of town on business. Whenever my Father travels, my Mother doesn't sleep well, so she stays up late and reads. Well one night while he was gone, my sister and I had since long gone to bed, when she was up late again reading. We had recently moved into this house and hadn't broken it in yet. She claims that when she was reading, she heard some very heavy, raspy breathing come from outside the window. It was very loud and she was very frightened. It continued throughout the entire night, heavy, suffering breathing. If I remember correctly, she looked out the window but saw nothing as she heard the breathing. Still terrified, she checked the next morning, but there were no tracks or any futher evidence stating that something had been there. But she knew there was.


Another one, which I must say would have given me a heart attack, was when she and my Father were sleeping one night, and she felt a heavy weight press down on the bed. She said that she distinctly felt a person sitting on her side of the bed, by her feet. She called to my Dad, who was sound asleep. I don't remember how long this lasted, but she told me that she was frightened out of her mind.


The last one I'm going to tell you, my Mother and I both experienced, but at different times. I was the first. It was late one night, and as I went to bed, I turned off the light on my nightstand. Not more than five seconds after shutting it off, I heard very heavy and rapid breathing coming from inches above my face. Scared, I reached out but felt nothing. Quickly switching on the lamp, the breathing ceased never returning (knock on wood). However, a few nights later, my Mother told me of the same thing happening to her, but she assumed it was the dog, but when she turned the light on, the dog was sound asleep on the other side of the room. This was a different house from the other breathing and we haven't experienced it since, but it was really terrifying. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)


                                                                                 by Suzanne


Couple From the Past



I'm not sure this wasnt a lucid childhood dream or a real experience. You see I'm the only one in my family who remembers the thing.

My grandparents live out in a rural part of Mississippi. When I was young my parents liked to get rid of me and my brother by sending them to our grandparents. So there was this one night we were at my grandparents place. My grandparents were having guests over for dinner. We were all on the edge waiting for them to get there.

Well thats a whole other story.

It was late after their friends left. I was getting ready for bed when someone shouted someone else had driven up. I went to the window to see who it was. Outside was one of those old cars people drove in the fifties. I think the color was blue. Walking to the porch I saw these two black people dressed like they had been to a wedding or a party coming to the door. They weren't dressed like they came from the eighties either. So I haul ass back to my bedroom to dress when I hear someone say the couple is gone. I go to look for myself. theres not a sign of the car or the two black people.

I dont know if you believe me. Its been so long since it happened I barely remember most of it myself. So thats my little ghost story. Believe it if you will.


                                                                                                by Dahlia




A Kentucky Haunting



I live in Bellevue, KY in Campbell County. I belong to the Bellevue Fire Department. Approximately 10 years ago a pat Fire Chief passed away in our upstairs bar room. The chair he died in is still there. I think everyone is a little worried aboout getting rid of the old chair due to the strange things that happen there. Ironically enough only one incident happened outside of the upstairs area. The ghost only seems to be active upstairs. When watching tv you will hear someone walk towards the back room from the bar area and just stop. the sounds are distinct foot steps. Lights and air conditioners routinely turn themselves on and off for no apparent reason. The only downstairs incident was in the engine room. Our pumpers have federal sirens they sound like air raid sirens and have a constant wail. in order to activate them you have to turn the batteries on and push a pedal on the floor board. The longer the pedal is pushed the louder and longer the siren will wail. One night at 3 in the morning one of the federal Q's (siren) began wailing as loud as it would go, and it wasnt winding down. Obviously the shift on duty flew out of bed and down to the engine room. One firefighter said lets walk on each side of the truck and catch whoever is doing this. As they approached the doors they jerked them open at the same time only to find no one in the truck! Also simultaneously as the doors opened the siren began wailing down. The firefighter on the drivers side noticed the batteries on the truck were still in the off position. To this day that incident is unexplainable. No one pushed the pedal in the truck and theres absolutely no way for the siren to work without the batteries. Another paranormal incident.



 I have had quite a few experiences with ghosts, in each place I have worked I have seen a ghost, and my house is haunted by a small boy, my great granddad and a monk (!), although it has been fairly quite recently.


Anyway, this story happened to me when I was 17. It was around 1991 and I was a trainee stylist at a hair salon in Essex in the UK. It may help if I just tell you the layout of the place first - the salon was a large rectangle with a door leading to a hallway on the left, doors led off of this hallway on the right, it was kitchen, toilet, boss' office and then the hallway opened up into a huge square where all the hair chemicals and the washing machine, etc were kept. Everything in the salon was 'normal' and the haunting started quite suddenly. I used to feel as if I was being watched by a man from the hall doorway, I didn't like to be alone in the kitchen and I was petrified to go to the toilet alone - it felt as if someone was outside waiting for me. The feeling of fear used to intensify right by my boss' office door and I found that not only did I start to run past that door, but several other girls who worked there also did. One day I was alone in the back room mixing up a haircolour and I was humming to myself (scared), when all of a sudden a huge can of hairspray came shooting through the doorway and just missed me. I ran out of the doorway to see who had through the product but everyone was busy - when I checked the make of the spray it was one we never used. The 'feeling' went on for about two weeks and I noticed that if I looked down the hallway I could see a man in black biking leathers and crash helmet standing by my boss' door - he was standing facing me and blocking the hallway. He was kind of see through but not misty, but if you looked straight at him you couldn't see him. One day I decided I had to find out if anyone else could see him, so I hesitantly asked one of the others girls if she'd seen anything 'odd' lately, she remarked 'only the man in the hallway' . I asked where and she said exactly where I had seen him, and by both of us talking we realised that we were both describing the man perfectly, by then another girl came over and she'd overheard and said that she'd seen him too. It turns out that we'd all seen him and felt petrified by his presence, but we'd all felt that the other would laugh or think us stupid if we said anything.


One day we were at work and my boss was standing at the front of the salon when an old woman came in. She told him she was a 'medium' and my boss jumped. When asked why he'd jumped, my boss said that it felt as if

someone was standing right next to him, the medium replied that indeed someone was standing right next to him and that it was his best friend. This particular friend got killed one night whilst out on his MOTORBIKE!!

Apparently, the friend knew that my boss was going to be in trouble and was here to help / comfort him. She told us that our fearful feelings were because the man died so suddenly and unexpectedly and he was 'projecting'

his feelings and we were picking them up. Literally the next day we no longer felt the man's presence, it was as if he was glad that his friend knew he was around and he just disappeared as quickly as he arrived. By the way, the ghost was right about my boss being in trouble - about six months later he was taken to court for sexual harassment and indecent exposure - maybe he should have paid heed to his friends warning!!


Sorry this has been such a long story and it isn't particularly scary, but I was covered in goose pimples all the time I was typing (so at least it scared me!!)




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