In 1859, a new church for the Prince Frederick Parish in Plantersville, SC was begun.  However, work on the church came to a complete halt later in 1860 when the head architect, Mr. Gunn, slipped on the high, incredibly steep roof and fell, screaming, to his death.  The unfinished church, its massive bell tower rising above the tree tops, was temporarily abandoned.  Many believe that Mr. Gunn, the architect who tumbled to his death while building the church, still haunts the grounds.  Gunn's spirit is said to be so prevalent in and around the tower that the belfry and church ruins have come to be known as the Old Gunn Church.  The residents have told of seeing lights moving in the totally inaccessible upper portion of the tower during the night.   Others have heard the bloodcurdling, horrible scream of Mr. Gunn, the architect, as he relives his fatal fall.  Mr. Gunn is not the only spirit that roams the grounds of the old church. The choir, that once resounded through the trees like a chorus of heavenly voices, still sings, although the choral members are all long gone. That magical time between sundown and dark, when their practice reached its crescendo, is exactly the time they are still occasionally heard.




These are the results of our investigation of the Old Gunn Church in Plantersville SC

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There seems to be a figure moving in front of the fence in the lower left hand side of this picture



Orbs around a grave in the graveyard



EVP  - Brad asks "Did you  build the church?  Were you a member of the church?   Something responds with "Why?"

The last two seconds have been amplified for clarity





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