On April 14th 2013 The Southeastern Paranormal Team investigated The Grove Park Inn in Ashville NC. The mysterious Pink Lady at the inn  has been seen, felt and experienced by hotel employees and guests for more than a half century. Little was known about the Pink Lady - just a swirl of stories about a young woman dressed in pink who fell to her death in the Palm Court atrium around 1920. Mere rumors, tales and lore weaving through the inn's rich history. In 1996, the Grove Park Inn conducted in-depth research on the Pink Lady phenomenon and the resulting evidence focused on room 545, two stories above the Palm Court atrium floor. We stayed in this room and had a very interesting experience, and took hours of video and several EVPs as well as digital photos. We will be analyzing these for evidence, and will be posting the results here. 




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Our team took this series of pictures inside of our room. Aside from the light coming in from the window, the room was nearly pitch black. As you can see from the photos the room has an eerie  pink glow to it that was not visible to the naked eye. Not long after we took these photos one of our team members camera turned on by itself. At the same time this team member felt a strange tingling sensation in her right arm.Was this the spirit of the pink lady paying us a visit?

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