These are the results of our investigation of a house in Granite Quarry, NC, on July 11th 2012 . We took dozens of pictures, videos and several recordings that night that we are analyzing for anything interesting. Once we find them we will post them to the website.


The home owner has reported loud clicking noises at times. It appears that this noise has been caught on one of our EVP sessions






This video was taken as part of a paranormal investigation at a house in Granite Quarry NC. . As the camera pans to the left, you can see a shadow peek around the corner and then dart back in.




In this video you see a strange shape trying to materialize on the bed.





Our investigators were sitting in the living room they hear a loud bang.



This noise was also heard on an EVP recorder in another part of the house





In these three pictures that were taken in sequence, you can see in the first picture the house is darkened, in the second picture the door window is lit up by a strange blue light, and in the last picture the house is dark again. No one noticed anything unusual at the time these pictures were taken.





Two of our investigators were outside the house during the course of the investigation. While out there , they noticed unexplained lights sweeping across the road and the front of the house. Unfortunately this was not caught on film.

Our conclusion:

Each one of our investigators had some kind of personal experience at this house and with all of the evidence we captured here we think there is definitely something paranormal going on. This will be a case we plan to revisit in the future and we will remain in contact with the home owners to see what addition experiences they have after the investigation.



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