These are the results of our investigation of an old house in Burlington NC, on September 8th 2012 . We took dozens of pictures , setup DVR cameras and  took several recordings that night that we are analyzing for anything interesting. Once we find them we will post them to the website.






This EVP seems to say "Got Cathy scared"   Cathy is the name of the homeowner



Here is an EVP we caught of a growl in the house.  This growl was also caught on a camcorder as well





The growl was also caught in this video clip





At the 25:03 mark in the video you see 4 orbs shoot down from the ceiling. One of our investigators was sitting in the kitchen above this area and felt a cold chill go thru her at the same time these orbs appeared






Here is another orb caught by the cameras of Southeastern Paranormal At the 30:42 mark you see an orb come from the left side of the screen and curve up towards the ceiling, then it pauses and arcs back towards the floor. 







In this video at the 10:57 mark, you can see a shadow move back and forth along the right side of the bedroom.




  On October 6 of 2012 our team investigated this home for the second time and pick up the sound of the window air conditioner unit turning on and off by itself. The home owner says this has never happened before or since then


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