These are the results of our investigation of an old house in Burlington NC, on June 1 2013 . This is the third time our team has investigated this home, and we have gotten results every time. The results of the previous investigations can be found here

We took dozens of pictures ,  and  took several recordings that night that we are analyzing for anything interesting. Once we find them we will post them to the website.




The home owner had seen a spirit in her bedroom earlier in the week and she was asking him if he liked what he saw. Something responds with "That sure was great"



The home owner tells the spirit she will have it banished from the house. Right after she says this you can hear the sound of a flashlight being knocked over



One of the investigators and the homeowner was sitting at the dining room table during an EVP session when something knocks on the table. This was both felt and heard by both the home owner and the investigator.



One of our investigators says We can hear you.  Something responds with "I know"





Here is the EVP we got in the basement. It seems to be a wave of energy followed by the sound of chains. The home owner had been talking about illegal slavery that had taken place on the property



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