These are the results of our investigation of a business  in Myrtle Beach SC, on August 2nd 2014 . We took dozens of pictures , setup DVR cameras and  took several recordings that night that we are analyzing for anything interesting. Once we find them we will post them to the website.








In this EVP you hear a voice say "We have someone to listen to us"  Then you hear one of the investigators say "Do you want me to leave this room again ?"  Followed by a voice that says "Yes"





 In this video one of our investigators was doing EVPS in a hallway and during his EVPs  he heard the sound of footsteps in the hallway, when the rest of the team was on the other side of the building. In the video at the 14:30 mark you will see the investigator enter the hallway, and at the 20:41 he leaves the hallway after doing his EVPs , about a minute later at the 21:31 mark the emergency lights over the exit door go out. This building is just a few months old, and the lights had been tested a month earlier when the tenants moved in and were found to be in working order. When they were tested again after this incident they were still found to be working ok. So far the cause of this malfunction remains undetermined.





During our investigation one of our DVR cameras slid across the table it was sitting on . If you look in the reflection in the window you can see lights and other objects moving. At that point all of the investigators were on the other side of the building and no where near the camera


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