These are the results of our investigation of a home in Lexington NC, on August 3rd 2013 . We took dozens of pictures , setup DVR cameras and  took several recordings that night that we are analyzing for anything interesting. Once we find them we will post them to the website.




In this frame you can see a mist

In this frame there seems to be a ray of energy of some sort




   In this series of photos of the outside of the house most of the photos look normal. However in a couple of frames theres seems to be some sort of static around the house.








In this video at the 23:26 mark you see one of our investigators walk into the room. After she walks to the left of the frame you see a series of flashes near where she is standing. When I first reviewed the video I thought she was taking pictures with a camera flash. After talking to the investigator I realized that she didnt even have a camera in her hand at the time. The source of these flashes of light remains undetermined



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