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Charlotte Ghost Hunters Alliance


East Coast Hauntings Organization (ECHO)


Eastern Paranormal


Eastern North Carolina Paranormal



G.H.O.S.T.S. of Raleigh


Ghost Hunters of North Carolina


The League of Energy Materialization and Unexplained phenomena Research (LEMUR)


National Society of Paranormal Investigation and Research (NSPIR)


PB&J Paranormal 


The Paranormal Detectives 


Paranormal Study and Investigations 


Port City Paranormal 


Sout East Paranormal Investigators Association (SEPIA)


Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society (SPARS) 


Triangle Paranormal Investigations 


South Carolina

South Carolina Paranormal Activity Research Association (S.C.P.A.R.A.)


Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society (SPARS)  



Ghosts of Southeastern Tennessee

Nashville Ghost and Paranormal Investigators

Tennessee Ghost Hunters

Tennessee Ghost Society

TM Ghost Hunters



Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation


DC Metro Area Ghost Watchers


Hampton Roads Paranormal Research Group


Haunted Virginia Paranormal Investigators

TM Ghost Hunters


Other Paranormal Sites


 Spiritual Dating

 Ghosts - research, evidence, and discussion.


 The Online Paranormal Society Directory - The Online Paranormal Society Directory


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Willard Library in Evansvile Indiana Ghost Cams


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