These are the results of our investigation of a house in Denton NC, on August 8th 2015 . We took dozens of pictures and several  audio and video recordings that night that we are analyzing for anything interesting. Once we find them we will post them to the website.




These two pictures were taken around the outside of the house at the same location about an hour apart. In both of them you see an orb above the middle window with the second one being brighter than the first one



This picture was taken in a bedroom that had been experiencing paranormal activity , with a lamp coming on by itself. You can see a bright orb on the curtain
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In this EVP you hear one of the female investigators joking with the homeowner. She says "Hands up don't shoot" and you hear the homeowner say "yeah right".  While the female investigator is talking you hear a woman's voice say "Go home"



A child's voice says "Thank You"







You hear a child's soft voice right before you hear an investigator say "That records sounds"




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